About Angela

Hello! I'm Angela Barnett.  
Just a little filter fun!
I am a Wife, Auntie, Fur-Mom, Educator, and Technology Newbie.  If you are like me, technology has crept upon you and into your classroom - it is now a tool that you want to know more about and feel successful when integrating into your lessons. Hopefully you will find the information on our blog helpful and inspiring.
Education has always been a big part of my life - I feel as though I am and will always be a learner. With that being said, it was really important for me to begin a journey into the educational technology realm, known as, #EdTech or #TechEDU.
I love teaching so much that I don't call it a career...it's more of a glorified hobby.
I’ve been a part of education for close to 20 years! I have worked for several districts (Long Beach USD, Los Alamitos USD, Centralia SD, Buena Park SD, ABC USD), as well as, Orange County Department of Education. My experience ranges from supervising students during lunch recess to being a 1:1 aide in a Deaf and Hard of Hearing TK classroom. I am currently a 3rd grade teacher, ELA/ELD site program designee, and Teacher Induction Mentor for our district.
Our school site has adopted AVID for elementary education.  I am exploring how to connect AVID strategies with Google Apps.  I am also participated in our district's LEAD program (Leaders Emerging Aspiring Developing) - gaining skills to be a leader in what we are calling a 21st Century education environment.
I'm so excited to be able to go through this journey with my teacher tech friend, Kristin, and share all that I learn and try with YOU.  

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